February Fitness Challenge

February Fitness Challenge

- Complete this Challenge as a teams of 3. All Team Members MUST Be a BSF Member (punchcard, Virtual, unlimited, or student unlimited membership) for the month of Feb.

- Feel free to get creative with your team names!

-2 Team Members are to complete each day of exercises (outside of class time) and initial when completed

-Each Team Member has a MAX of 2 days in a row and the same 2 Team Members can NOT complete consecutive days... Ex. Feb 1st – Member A & Member B. Feb 2nd – A & C. Feb 3rd B &C

- Feel free to divide the reps up into smaller groups to finish during the day.

- Rep totals are each side when counting Fire Hydrants. See Modifications for moves and counting.

-Modifications for you. ALWAYS know you can ask us to demonstrate or for further modification options.

Squats – Place an exercise ball behind your back against the wall

Push-ups – From your toes or knees. Use the wall instead of the floor. Elevate your hands or feet on a step.

Plank Jacks – Step them out side to side. R step + L step = 1

Burpees – ½ burpee where you do not come all the way up to standing. Walk feet out instead of jumping them.

Fire Hydrants – put a mat under your knee on the floor. Do them standing and raise your leg side to side. R side + L side = 1


-“Go To Class Days” – Attend any class time that day or complete a virtual workout. IF you are doing virtual please comment when complete with the date and “Feb Fitness Challenge.”

- Winning Team MUST complete ALL February Days.