Class Descriptions

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(BSF) Kickboxing

This is an upbeat class that includes large periods of cardiovascular work on our heavy bags. Although the majority of your work time will be on the bag, come ready to jump off for short periods utilizing other equipment to challenge your strength, flexibility, and core. 

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

This class features various timed formats such as EMOM and AMRAPS to give you periods of high-intensity work followed by lower intensity rest. This powerful class will incorporate a wide variety of exercise equipment and is designed to get your heart pounding for a high-calorie burn. 

(BSF) Blend

This class varies with every workout. The class will include heavy bag work, strength, and cardio exercises to challenge every muscle group and get you sweating!

Sculpt and Tone 

This is a strength and toning class that will utilize dumbbells, bands, and bodyweight exercises for a total body toning workout. 

Instructor’s Choice

The instructor has the freedom to pick their poison during this 45-minute class! Expect each workout to be different from the last. Classes could incorporate strength and toning exercises, cardiovascular training, kickboxing, and more! 

(BSF) Bootcamp

Cardio, strength, plyometrics, and endurance, anything goes in this 45 minute, high-intensity class. Participate in some fun exercises and use equipment use you will only experience in Bootcamp. Come ready to work and have fun! 

Open Gym

Bring your own workout and use the BSF facility and equipment to get the workout in! If you aren’t sure what to do but want to use this time frame, a whiteboard workout will be provided during each open gym time. 

Other Services: 

Personal Training

Whether you have specific personal goals or just want to become more comfortable with exercising and equipment use, personal training is a great option for you! Personal training is available for all ages, ability levels, and goals. During these sessions, you will work one-on-one with your trainer to meet your fitness goals and jumpstart your fitness journey! 

Small-Group Training

This is great if you are not sure you are ready to come to a group class setting or for a group of athletes looking for a workout. We would like to keep groups to 10 or less. 

Virtual BSF Training

Not sure if you’re ready to join us in-person quite yet? Enjoy a mixture of the same great classes listed above in the comfort of your own home with access to 2 live workouts every week. Join live with the trainer in a private online group or play-back at your convenience to get the sweat dripping. Bonus workouts will be posted throughout the month to keep that motivation high!